Beautiful Govardhan Puja Images (HD Wallpaper & Photo)

Govardhan puja (annakut puja) celebrate after the diwali in kartik month of every year and this day celebrate for lord’s Krishna victory of lord indira.

The govardhan puja celebrated there are many reason like accordingly to history govardhan parbat through lives of many people was saved of too much rain. It is considered the people of gokul were worshiping of god indira and we also know the god of rain but lord Krishna change the think’s habitant of gokul he told that you should have worshiping of annakut hill or govardhan parbat he is the real god because of it saving your lives in drastic condition and gives you food and shelter. Therefore very angry god indira and too much raining stated in gokul finally lord Krishna saved people of gokul through the goverdhan parbat.

Since then people also celebrated govadhan puja festival. We have arranged some awesome pics of govardhan puja so send beautiful pic your family, friends, colleagues etc. keep enjoyed this festival perhaps you liked this post

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Govardhan puja