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It has twenty eight days for three consecutive years and twenty nine days on leap year. This is because it takes the Earth 3651/4 to revolve round the sun. Each revolution makes a day. The extra quarter is adjusted as leap year. Every leap year, Olympic Games are held and athletes from worldwide participate in various events. Some of them include swimming, hurdles, track race, marathon, and others. Games such as tennis, hockey, boxing and others are popular. The main goal of every athlete is to win the gold medal. Of course, winning the silver and copper are also honourable accomplishments.

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1. February Hello Image with More Love

February Image 1


February Image 2

3. Beautiful Hello February Picture 

February Image 3

4. Hello February Pic with Beautiful Flower 

February Image 4

5. February Love Month Picture 

February Image 5


6. February Image with Beautiful Bird 

February Image 6


February Image 7


February Image 8


February Image 9


February Image 10


February Image 11


February Image 12