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In Thailand, there are many Buddhists who consider Thursday as the Teacher’s Day. Buddhists believe that they should always begin their education on a Thursday. This particular day of the week is auspicious. Even to this day, Thai students pay their homage to teachers. This event is held as a specific ceremony always scheduled on Thursdays only. The graduation day in Thai universities can vary depending on the University program. However, one thing is common for all; the day of graduation is always held on a Thursday. In Thailand, the Thai solar calendar is used. The colour associated with Thursday is orange.

Here we have arranged some beautiful and Funny Thursday pics to wish your Family, friends and work office colleagues on whatsapp and facebook.

Please take a look:

1. Thursday Picture with Beautiful Butterfly and Flower

Thursday Image 1

2. Thursday Image with Healthy Breakfast 

Thursday Image 2

3. Thursday Image with Beautiful Butterfly 

Thursday Image 3

4. Very Colorful Thursday Image 

Thursday Image 4


5. Thursday Image with Sweet Ice-cream 

Thursday Image 5


Thursday Image 6

7. Enjoy Thursday Pic with Cute kitten

Thursday Image 7

8. Good Morning Thursday Image with cute Girl 

Thursday Image 8


Thursday Image 9


Thursday Image 10


Thursday Image 11

12. Thursday Picture with Micky Mouse 

Thursday Image 12

13. Thursday Image with Beautiful Duck 

Thursday Image 13