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On Tuesday, Constantinople was captured so the Roman Empire of 1,500 years came to an end. Army under Muslim Ottoman conquered Europe. Sultan Mahmud II transferred the capital of the Ottoman Empire from Edirne to Constantinople. In Greece, Tuesday was the day when the Constantinople fell so it is very unlucky day. This is also true in Spanish speaking world. If the 13th of the month falls on Tuesday then it brings more bad luck. However, in Judaism Tuesday is considered very lucky. The first chapter of Genesis, there is the paragraph about Tuesday and twice it says “it was good”.

Here we have arranged some beautiful and Funny Tuesday pics to wish your Family, friends and work office colleagues on whatsapp and facebook.

Please take a look:

1. Tuesday Image with Rose Flower

Tuesday Image 1


Tuesday Image 2


Tuesday Image 3

4. Tuesday Image with Heart

Tuesday Image 4



Tuesday Image 5


Tuesday Image 6


Tuesday Image 7

8. Tuesday wallpaper with balloons

Tuesday Image 9


Tuesday Image 9

10. Tuesday pictures with couple

Tuesday Image 11

11. Tuesday pic with butterfly

Tuesday Image 11


Tuesday Image 12

13. Tuesday good morning image with coffee

Tuesday Image 13