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According to the New Testament, after Palm Sunday, Sanhedrin gathered to kill Jesus. This was before the feast of Pesach. Jesus was in Bethany in Simon, the Leper’s home. They were having their supper. A woman called Mary anointed Jesus’ head and feet with expensive spikenard oil. The disciples mentioned the money should have been given to the poor. However, Judas Iscariot wanted to keep the money for himself. Judas went to Sanhedrin to betray Jesus in exchange of money. This gave rise to the Holy Wednesday when Judas Iscariot deliberately betrayed Jesus. Holy Wednesday is also called Spy Wednesday.

Here we have arranged some beautiful and Funny Wednesday pics to wish your Family, friends and work office colleagues on whatsapp and facebook.

Please take a look:

1. Lovely Wednesday Image with Rose 

Wednesday Image 1

2. Wonderful Wednesday Pic with Smile 

Wednesday Image 2

3. Wednesday Image with Coffee 

Wednesday Image 3

4. Good Morning Wednesday Image with Puppy 

Wednesday Image 4


5. Wednesday Picture with Heart 

Wednesday Image 5


Wednesday Image 6


Wednesday Image 7

8. Wednesday Image with Lipstick 

Wednesday Image 8

9. Good Morning Wednesday Image with Red Rose

Wednesday Image 9


Wednesday Image 10

11. Good Morning Wednesday Image 

Wednesday Image 11

12. Wednesday Picture with Beautiful Flowers

Wednesday Image 12